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What is ‘The Other Talk’?

At some point we have all sat down with our parents for ‘the talk’. It’s not always easy, but learning about sex is an important conversation that every parent and child should have.


The Other Talk is about Australian families talking openly about alcohol and other drugs and is an important step when preparing your child for a teenage party. However, you could start talking to your child as early as eight years to make sure they have the right information and attitudes when they reach high school.


Starting the conversation early also means you create an understanding that when it comes to alcohol and other drugs, no question is too silly and no topic is off limits. These topics could include related issues such as peer pressure, health, and safety.


The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) is encouraging parents to have The Other Talk because research shows that young people consider parents to be credible sources of information about alcohol and drugs*. However, many parents fear The Other Talk because it may raise questions that they feel ill-equipped to answer or explain appropriately.


As an independent, evidence-based organisation that has been working closely with parent groups, the ADF has all the information you need to have The Other Talk with your children. This website is a resource for parents wanting to learn about alcohol and other drugs to protect their children from associated harms.


Having open communication with your family has never been so important. Equip yourself with the right information and start The Other Talk today.

*Parenting guidelines for adolescent alcohol use


TOT-booklet_cover_thumbnailContact the Australian Drug Foundation for booklets explaining The Other Talk.
Tel: 1300 85 85 84 or email.
Download the booklet and discussion guide.


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