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Safe partying

As alcohol and drugs start to become part of your child’s party scene, it’s natural to worry and wonder what you can do to help keep them safe.


Saying yes or no to a party

It can be hard to decide whether to let your child attend a party, but there are a few steps you can take to find out if the party is going to be suitable and to make sure they stay safe.


Hosting a teenage party

Teenage parties can be challenging to host, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the risks and create a fun party for your child and their friends.


Safe partying tips for ‘Schoolies’

There are a number of things you can talk about with your child before ‘Schoolies’ to make sure they party safely and have a good time.


Further information

Being a role model

Parents are the greatest influence on their children, so how you behave at parties will set an example for them. Find out more: Safe partying for all ages fact sheet.


Learning from other parents’ experience

The GrogWatch blog is a good place to share stories with other parents and discuss alcohol issues in the community. Read the GrogWatch blog entry: Hosting a great 18th birthday party.


Safe party planner Safe party planner thumbnail image

Print the Safe party planner for guidance on planning a fun and safe party for your teenager.



Safe partying guide Front Cover

The Safe Partying Guide prepares young people (10 years+) to deal with alcohol responsibly in a party context.

Single copies – Australian Drug Foundation reception: E: adf@adf.org.au
T: (03) 9611 6100

Multiple copies – Australian Drug Foundation Shop





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